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Darkness Within is currently recruiting the following:
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Death Knight
Blood (1)
Frost (1)
Unholy (1)
Balance (1)
Feral (1)
Restoration (1)
Beast Masters (1)
Marksmanship (1)
Survivalists (1)
Arcane (1)
Fire (1)
Frost (1)
Holy (1)
Protection (1)
Retribution (1)
Discipline (1)
Holy (1)
Shadow (1)
Assassination (1)
Combat (1)
Subtlety (1)
Elemental (1)
Enhancement (1)
Restoration (1)
Affliction (1)
Demonology (1)
Destruction (1)
Arms (1)
Fury (1)
Protection (1)
Guild Rules    

-Guild Rules-

1. If you add an alt to the guild be sure the the name of the member is included in the guild notes

2. The guild bank is there for your use, if you need something you are not able to reach feel free to ask one of the officers

3. If you start or post an instance or raid please make sure you have time to complete it

4. No running down other people, there class type, or character race.  What may start as joking can sometimes lead to hurt feelings and misunderstandings

5. If you are in an instance run please move down to an unoccupied instance channel, if you are doing a raid please move into the raid channel.  The lobby is for casual conversation only

6. If you are not in a raid or instance do not move into an occupied channel unless you are invited by a member of that channel

7. Only officers are allowed to use the officers channel.  If you are invited into the officers channel it is a privilage to be there and you do so at your own risk

8. If you have an issue with another guild member speak at an officer, if an officer or other high up has an issue it is to be mediated by an officer that is not directly involed

9. Individual issues are NEVER to be aired in open guild chat.  If you have an issue it is to be resolved in private so as not to cause drama or make game play less fun for others. 

Loot Rules    


-Raid Loot Rules-

1. Everyone gets a main spec roll that resets after each member of the raid has burned their main spec roll.  Your main spec is the spec you enter the raid in unless agreed upon before the start of the raid.

2. Each member gets an off spec roll as long as they have the spec they are rolling on gear for.

3. In the event that no one wants the item that drops there will be a free roll.  Free rolls are unlimited and any raid member that can equip and have a spec to use can roll at this time.

4. In the event that items drop in a run that are only usable by a single person in the run and the person waits for free roll for the right to roll the raid leader has the right to use that as consideration in the event that member rolls against another member and wins.

5. In the event that everyone passes on any item the raid leader has the right to turn the item over to be disenchanted or in the event there is no disenchanter in the run the items can be sold and the money deposited in the guild bank to help cover repairs.

6. Guild repairs are to be made available for any guild run.  Feel free to use this option but do not abuse it and use it when not running with the guild.  Members found to be abusing this privilage will lose the right to repair from the guild bank until proper restitutions are made and we feel that member is responsible enough to not abuse the guild repairs.

7. In the event you agree to do guild runs for the sake of a chance to roll on a mount, once you win the mount you may not roll on that mount again for another toon until the other guildies running with you also have won the mount on at least one toon during a guild mount run.

8. If you are in a scheduled run specifically for the sake of rolling on a mount and you win the roll and do not participate in that run again so as to help your fellow guildies have a chance at the ability to also win the mount do not be surprised if you are rejected from other scheduled runs.

Above all remember, if we run it once there is a good chance we will run it again, so though you may be disappointed when you lose a roll on loot to a guildie, it is one less person you have to worry about rolling against next time.  Be happy when your fellow guildies get loot and they will be happy for you when you win.  Lets not let loot interfer will our enjoyment of the game.





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Other Guild News

OS 3D Raid

Gingerbaby_wow, Mar 7, 11 3:25 AM.
Our OS 3D run went awesome.  Gratz to Muhammud on winning the drake.  Awesome job!  Looking forward running it again next Sunday.  
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